Council pleas with motorists not to abuse road workers

Bucks County Council is urging motorists not to abuse road workers.

Friday, 21st August 2015, 11:05 am
Editorial image of a Bucks County Council road worker

The plea comes as the council releases workers’ accounts of irate members of the public ‘ranting and raving’ at delays they are experiencing on Bucks roads.

The council says road workers are ‘fathers, sons and brothers as well as mothers, daughters and sisters, all working hard’ to ensure our highways are safe.

Reports from road workers include:

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> “The driver jumped out of the vehicle and opened his boot to remove a tool.

“He then approached the lorry, shouting,”;

> “An Audi sports car approached the site at excessive speed, making no attempt to slow down upon seeing the site or crew,”;

> “While replacing barriers, I had a member of the public rant and rave at us about the traffic delays due to our lane closure.

“He would not listen and was very abusive.”

Mark Shaw, cabinet member for transport at the county council said: ‘Our guys and girls work tirelessly, day in, day out carrying out work that affects us all.

“It’s a tough job, but some people make it tougher.

“We all need to remember that these people are someone’s dad, mum, daughter or son, and like all of us, should expect to do their job without suffering abuse, and be able to return home to their families unscathed - mentally and physically.

“Our crews are highly professional and are trained to deal with aggression towards them, however I do not expect them to have to put their training into 
practice and would encourage support and encouragement for the work these men and women do.”

A spokesman added that TfB is aware of the frustrations and inconvenience that can be caused by the works.