Council Leader's message on new garden town status: "Lets make sure people who grow up here can afford to live here"

AVDC Council Leader Neil Blake sent out a strong message with Aylesbury being granted garden town status, saying the new status will ensure people who have grown up here will be able to afford to live in the area.
AVDC Council Leader Neil BlakeAVDC Council Leader Neil Blake
AVDC Council Leader Neil Blake

Neil Blake said: "We have significant housing growth over the next 20 years in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire, and we need to ensure these are of a good standard and with green spaces and leisure facilities.

"This is not to say that these will all be big five bedroom houses. It will be a complete mix of starter homes and normal homes. Let's get local people on the property ladder.

"We also want to encourage custom and self builds, where people do the work themselves in order to create a varied mixture of new properties.

"We want these new developments to meld into the town, and are integrated with good transport links.

"This is the beginning for us to unlock further funding to help build the infastructure of the town. We can attract more government money for projects and hopefully divert traffic around the town rather than through it.

"This will be a huge boost for the local economy - all the workers involved and there will be more people living in the area to spend money in the town. It's a win - win situation for Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire."

"This money will be used to plan a way forward for the area. We will be working with Buckinghamshire County Council on the transport and infastructure on where roads and green spaces should go."