Council issues list of what NOT to put in your bin - and it includes '˜dead animals over 6kg'

Bucks County Council has issued a list of items that must not be put in a household waste bin because the new energy from waste plant can't handle them.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th February 2016, 10:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 8:10 am
County councillor Warren Whyte
County councillor Warren Whyte

The plant near Calvert turns non-recyclable items placed in the green lidded bins into energy by burning them. However, objects such as furniture, tyres, dead animals over 6kg, aerosols, paint and electrical items either cause damage to the facility or are not combustible.

These should instead be taken to a household waste recycling centre.

County council cabinet member for planning and environment Warren Whyte said if the wrong items end up at the plant, the taxpayer foots the bill.

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He said: “We know the public are doing a brilliant job as far as recycling is concerned, but we also know there are still many opportunities for improvement.

“For instance, people are still not always sorting their waste into the right containers.

“Getting it right is good for the environment but if people get it wrong and throw a recyclable item into the waste bin, then it has to go to landfill. “This is a ‘double whammy’ of less recycling and more cost.

“Some waste, however, simply will not be suitable for burning at Greatmoor so we need householders to get it right so staff don’t end up having to spend time pulling unsuitable items out before reaching the EfW facility.

“As has been well publicised recently, this is a very difficult financial time for the county council due to the complete loss of central government grant to Bucks as well as the increase in demand for high-cost services such as those to the county’s elderly and the safeguarding of vulnerable children.

“Regrettably there is likely to be a council tax increase recommended to council this year as a result.

“The council is doing its utmost to make savings and increase its income, but the public could do its bit as well by saving money on unnecessary waste.”

Last year, the overall recycling rate in Bucks was around 57%, meaning residents recycle and re-use more than they throw away.

The aim is to hit 60% in the near future.

Items unsuitable for household waste bins are as follows:

> Aerosols

> Batteries

> Clinical waste categories A to D

> Dead animals over 6kg

> Fluorescent light tubes (WEEE)

> Furniture

> Gas bottles and cylinders

> Hazardous waste & substances

> Heavy metals or stone items

> Oils

> Paints

> Textiles

> Toner cartridges

> Tyres

> Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)