Could you volunteer for the NSPCC in Aylesbury?

The Bucks Herald Spoke to NSPCC Fundraising Manager for Buckinghamshire Debbie Knights about the benefits of volunteering for the charity.
Vulnerable people across Buckinghamshire need your help!Vulnerable people across Buckinghamshire need your help!
Vulnerable people across Buckinghamshire need your help!

Are you: Passionate about helping young people and children? Sensitive and supportive to people in need? Do you have great communication skills and work well within a team?

Maybe you just love helping people.

The NSPCC in Buckinghamshire are looking for people to join them as volunteers in 2020 to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

In Buckinghamshire, last year the NSPCC taught 21,776 primary school children to recognise the signs of abuse with its Speak Out, Stay Safe scheme.

This campaign teaches children, in an age-appropriate way, what the different types of abuse are and who they can speak to if they have any worries or concerns.

NSPCC Fundraising Manager for Buckinghamshire Debbie Knights said: " Some of us may look to giving back to our community by making a difference

to young lives.

"With our work we have reached over 87% of schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and our aim is to make it to 100% and continue our work as more children reach school age.

"Speak Out, Stay Safe isn’t possible without the aid of our trained volunteers who work alongside Buddy, our speech bubble mascot, to educate children interactively and empower

them to speak out if something isn’t right.

"Whilst the training is in-depth, volunteers are only expected to deliver the assembly at a minimum of two days a month.

"By doing this, you’ll be protecting a generation of children from abuse and neglect by empowering them to understand what is right and wrong and how they can get help from trusted adults or Childline."

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience, but it involves a big commitment.

There will be lots of training involved, including safeguarding checks and an enhanced criminal record check, plus you will also need two references.

Debbie added: "When you sign up to volunteer with us you’ll get loads of initial training, practice sessions, home study and multiple visits to schools to help you learn assembly and workshop skills.

"You’ll learn new skills and gain new experiences whilst obtaining recognition for your efforts, this will make a difference to children in Buckinghamshire as you train and work alongside a

team of likeminded people.

"Volunteer today and join our fight for every childhood. Together we can protect children and prevent abuse."

There are lot of other ways you can give your time to make a difference including fundraising for us, joining one of our groups, organising an event or taking part in a challenge.

For further information and to sign up visit then scroll through the Speak Out, Stay Safe or fundraising volunteer role

descriptions and select the one most convenient to your location.