Could you help Animal Antiks caring charity?

A caring charity which supports children and adults with learning difficulties needs your help.

Animal Antiks, is based in Stoke Mandeville and helps young people with a range of needs to build their social skills.

But following issues with planning, the HS2 rail scheme, and a fire which damaged buildings at the site, the project is in need of assistance.

Animal Antiks needs 20 acres of new land, which is more appropriate for the project’s alpacas, sheep and other animals, and for the centre to grow.

The land would also need to have farm buildings, and be available for Animal Antiks organisers Sarah Kettlety and Katrina Greig-Young to take on, on a long-term lease.

Shoshana Willets, whose children use Animal Antiks, said: “My son has accessed their project at a vital time in his life when his confidence was low and self-esteem was zilch.

“Through months of 
patience and tasks around the farm led by Sarah and Katrina It helped to build up his 
confidence in such a way that he is now a confident boy who is finding his path.

“The project has been 
instrumental to my whole 
family and recently my two girls aged 11 and 14, were able to access some equine therapy to help them cope with two bereavements this time last 

“The inroad they made with my daughters was vital and made a huge difference.

“Many young people and adults are accessing 
this project , and life’s have been and are being transformed.”

To find out more or to offer assistance call 07543276818 or 07834317534

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