Could this be the future of the old Police Station?

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This is what a high end bar and restaurant could look like on the site of Aylesbury’s old police station – but only if campaigners can convince the council not to knock it down.

So far George Entecott, Karl Vaughan and Jonathan Gilpin have gathered 2,000 signatures, on a petition against the move.

They have not yet set a date to hand the petition over to council chiefs, but hope that hundreds of people will show up to support the move.

Shocked by Aylesbury Vale and Bucks County councils’ plans to demolish part of the building as part of the Waterside North scheme, Mr Gilpin offered to buy it up, and convert it into a nightspot.

But at a meeting between campaigners and county council leader Martin Tett, the trio were told that keeping the building was not viable, and would put the rest of the scheme in jeopardy.

Mr Gilpin said: “We want Bucks County Council to demonstrate and prove that there is a genuine financial reason to knock down the building.

“If it is just because they want to it’s not good enough.

“Far many more people have said they don’t want to knock it down than those who have said they do, and for the council to do something that the public don’t want is pretty bad.”

If Mr Gilpin is allowed to buy the building he plans to called it The Old Nick, and decorate it in line with it’s heritage. Ronnie Biggs was taken to the cells there after being arrested for his part in the Great Train Robbery, and Mr Gilpin says he would pay homage to the history of the station in a sensitive way.

He said: “We want to decorate the ceilings with old wooden police truncheons, and keep the bar tasteful but with a lot of character.

“Having a bar and restaurant there would complement the theatre, and it would be something along the lines of what Crazy Bear are doing with their venues.”