Community unity discussion in Aylesbury in wake of London and Manchester attacks

A community event designed to discuss ways to unite our communities following the recent attacks on London and Manchester is being held on Sunday.

The event is being organised by entrepreneur and bodybuilding star Sirtaj Rahman - who was prompted to act in an effort to bring the people of Aylesbury together.

Anyone can attend the discussion at the Aylesbury Multicultural Centre from 5pm until 7pm on Sunday.

Sirtaj, who is also a security guard at the Friars Square Shopping Centre, said: “This is a chance for everyone in the community Muslim,non Muslim and every race to come together for an open discussion on how we can help and protect our town from divisions and effects from the recent terrorist attacks.

“This is a positive event to bring all of the communities together no negativity/abusive behaviour will be tolerated.”

A report of the meeting will appear in next week’s Bucks Herald.