Community meets to discuss transport planning

The transport for Buckinghamshire annual conference
The transport for Buckinghamshire annual conference

The Transport for Buckinghamshire Annual conference took place at the Gateway today to get Parish and Town Council's to have their say on Buckinghamshire's roads, pavements and road safety initiatives.

Mark Shaw, cabinet member for transport explained what the event was all about:

"What we are trying to do today is to bring all the town and parish council's into one place to explain our plans for the infrastructure around Buckinghamshire. This includes the roads, pavements, bridges, road safety and streetlights.

"We want to listen to the concerns of town and parish council's and their residents. We'll be breaking off into different groups to discuss areas of concern, so people can ask direct questions to people here at the council.

"For instance parking has been a huge issue across all of our parishes."

120 of the 169 parishes were represented at the event, and Mark joked that it had come a long way in the five years since it has been running, from a hostile atmosphere into a 'good vibe'.

"We're now in our fifth year engaging with the county, and it's turned from what was initially quite a hostile atmosphere into a much friendlier and informative event."

There has been a lot of concern raised about speeding locally, however Mark said this was surprising because deaths from dangerous driving in Buckinghamshire had actually gone down over the past five years.

"These events are vital for feeding back to the council and speeding has been a massive area of concern for local parishes.

"Despite numbers of deaths from dangerous driving going down, people are still concerned. So what we're trying to do today is share information on how local council's can raise awareness and do things themselves to tackle speeding in their areas. It's vital we have this dialogue so were thankful for all of the attendees."

HS2 had a stall at the event, but declined to comment to the Bucks Herald.

Another key aspect of the event was communication during bad weather across the county.

Mark said there has been much more emphasis on getting out information via social media channels via twitter, facebook and through members at the council's social media channels.

"Social media has been a key aspect in getting information out to the public, and we've tried to get as much information as possible to avoid travel disruption.

"Members now spread out this information so we can reach as many people as possible. If you're on twitter you should give your local councillor and TFB alerts a follow!"

You can follow transport for bucks on twitter at @TFBalerts and you can following buckinghamshire's gritters at @twitgritterand if you would like to report a pothole you can visit