COMMENT: Happy memories of my time as a rookie reporter in the town

Callum Jones
Callum Jones

It is rare in a working life to be given the opportunity to return to where your career began.

But, during the past week, I have come back to the newspaper I joined as a trainee reporter more than a decade ago.

As someone who was born in Aylesbury and grew up in the village of Cheddington it was a great honour to get a job at The Bucks Herald.

My friends and family read the newspaper so I felt a great sense of pride they would see my byline on the pages.

Any reporter will tell you they always remember their first front page story and I am no different.

It was an exclusive interview with a startlingly brave pregnant woman who had chased a thief after he had threatened her with a knife in her Aylesbury home.

I remember driving home on deadline day feeling very happy in the knowledge a story I had written was going to be read by thousands of people in the Aylesbury Vale.

Another reason to look back on my time at the newspaper with fondness is that I met my wife during my time here.

Readers with long memories may remember that Bucks County Council wanted to build a new waste incinerator about eight years ago.

My future wife and I, who was working for a rival Bucks newspaper at the time, both volunteered to go on a press trip to Southampton, organised by the council, to visit a facility similar to the one proposed.

So in the distinctly unromantic setting of a large pile of rubbish, I fell in love with the woman who I married last year.

After leaving the newspaper in March 2008, many things have changed at the Bucks Herald, perhaps the biggest being you are probably just as likely to be reading these words on a computer rather than a printed page.

All of the staff are different, it is now printed in a tabloid format rather than broadsheet and the office is in a different location in Aylesbury.

However, with council cuts leading the news agenda, it seems as if some things have stayed the same.

It has been a privilege to sit in the Content Editor’s chair during Hayley’s week off. I hope you enjoy reading the newspaper as much as I have enjoyed my return.