COMMENT: Aylesbury Vale District Council must explain after vanity project using our money

This week this newspaper asks why on earth taxpayers' money was spent on a project which hadn't been properly researched?
Aylesbury Vale District Council officesAylesbury Vale District Council offices
Aylesbury Vale District Council offices

An independent report this week into the Aylesbury Vale Broadband debacle exposed a string of errors, made by senior leaders at the council which continually wants us to think that they are doing a great job on becoming more commercial.

This is the council which has made a case for taking on even more services as part of a two unitary model.

This is our money that this council is spending - money from new homes bonus payments, and other sources, but all money which has ended up being used for what looks like nothing more than a failed vanity project.

Content Editor Hayley O'KeeffeContent Editor Hayley O'Keeffe
Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

So this is our challenge to you Aylesbury Vale District Council...

If you want your constituents to have faith in you be more open and transparent - crack down on bad or irresponsible behaviour in a swift and timely fashion, and if you are going to spend our money on things like this at least please make sure they are a dead cert - and that people with real experience and ability in the field you are entering into are involved.

It’s worth mentioning that the council did commission the report following criticism.

But we don’t think that the above points are too much to ask?

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