Column: Why 5p newspaper price rise will help us fight for the truth locally

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Local newspapers are the first to point the finger when councils and other public bodies charge you more.
So it’s only right and proper that we do the same to ourselves.
This week the price of your Bucks Herald print edition has increased from 95p to £1.

Such increases are rarely pleasing, for readers, editors or reporters, and this is absolutely not a decision taken lightly.
We are a small, incredibly hardworking team, who try our very best to create a lively, informative read each week. 
We are here to give you the local news as it happens on our websites and social media; to challenge those in authority on your behalf; to campaign against unfairness; and to stand up for everyone and everything that makes our towns and villages so special.
In an era of ‘fake news’, social media trolling, and unsubstantiated rumour that abounds on unregulated websites and social media platforms, your local newspaper 
remains the most trusted and authoritative source of information and comment. But those professional standards which range from the extensive training we provide our journalists to fact checking processes and our adherence to our professional code of conduct cost money.
I also believe that we provide an excellent What’s On and leisure guide to ensure you don’t miss out on the best local entertainments.
Without advertising, this newspaper would cost you several pounds for each edition. Fortunately, our advertisers subsidise this figure but in a digital age that subsidy has reduced. At the same time, the physical costs of printing this paper is rising rapidly. The cost of newsprint alone is increasing by between 8 and 12 per cent as a result of the fall in the value of the pound, a considerable annualised sum for all publishers.
Thank you for your support. 
We are very proud of our paper, of the community we serve, of you our readers. To edit this paper is my pleasure. We know this newspaper makes a real difference for the better. But we also know - that without you we would be nothing, and again - for your support we are extremely grateful. Email me at or call me on 01296 618718 I always love to hear from you!