Column: The joys of being a Bucks Herald village correspondent

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Aylesbury Vale is blessed with many things - lovely countryside,  great tourist attractions and many thriving villages.

I am one of a dozen or so individuals who are in a very fortunate position to be given the platform through the Neighbourhood News section to share the news of what’s going on in our back yards.

Be it parish council meetings, village groups and events or local personalities with stories to tell, you will find all that and more in the paper each week sandwiched between the property and leisure sections.

I have been the village correspondent for Stewkley since 2010.

I started writing the column after a week’s work experience at the paper.

When I first started, I talked to my then fellow correspondent for one of our sister papers and he said there were times when he would sit down on a Wednesday evening and struggle to think of something to write.

There are times when it can be a challenge but there are plenty of things going on in Stewkley and so inspiration is never far away.

So how do I get my stories? I keep my ear to the ground, I’m involved with several village groups in my free time which obviously helps, and whenever I attend a village event I always have in the back of my mind ‘what can I write about this?’ Or ‘would this make a good photo?’

Having lived in two Vale villages in my life - Quainton for two and then Stewkley for 24 and counting (hopefully I’m now classed as a local!) I firmly believe that villages are the lifeblood of Aylesbury Vale.

Great community spirit, lots of characters, and in Stewkley, a good spread of food!

Anyone can be a village correspondent - if you have a passion for writing and a keen interest in your local area you could be just the person we’re looking for.

If you’ve got a story for your area you will find your correspondent’s details in the Neighbourhood News pages.

If you live in a village not currently featured and feel you want to change that e-mail