Column: “Library is responding to different reading habits”

David Jones
David Jones

The thing with books is that they can get dropped in the bath, might have something sticky glueing the pages together (jam usually) and can sometimes be chewed by small children or the occasional adult.

Not so with e-books. 
These electronic books are downloaded on to your device. 
You don’t have to visit the library to borrow them or return them and we don’t spend money repairing them or use up staff time in shelving them. 
We have an excellent choice. 
New titles, older classics and they are all free to library members and anyone can be a library member. 
Personally, I still prefer the physicality of a book. 
The pages and print – and (sometimes) the smell! 
I understand, though, that for our library service to remain relevant and well used we need to respond to new demands and habits. 
Many Bucks residents prefer to access services online so we’ve developed new services in response. 
Not just e-books.

We’ve also introduced audio books and e-magazines. 
All of these can be browsed and then downloaded at home, or in the office, or on a train or even on the beach!

And it doesn’t stop there.

We’ve invested in a wealth of online resources that give you round the clock free access to hundreds of newspapers, periodicals and reference books,

Libraries offer free access to computers (incluidng free wi-fi) and learning, events for people of all ages and interests, advice and information sessions and a safe and welcoming place to meet with your friends. 
Books and reading remain at the heart of our service. 
So whether hardback or virtual it’s up to you but be careful in the bath whatever you do!