Colourful dancers celebrate with invitation to join the team

Haddenham Hoofers. Picture: Haddenham.netHaddenham Hoofers. Picture:
Haddenham Hoofers. Picture:
The colourful and talented Haddenham Hoofers have celebrated their 25th anniversary and are inviting more people to join them in dancing.

The Hoofers perform group dances based on traditional Appalachian dance steps, to the accompaniment of Old Time string band music.

These dance steps originate from the mountainous Appalachian region of North America where the communities developed energetic dance steps based on a mixture of British culture dating back to colonization, Native American and possibly African dance movements.

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With these traditional steps, Hoofers choreograph their own dances using the metal shod shoes as percussive accompaniment to the live string band. Their dances are performed at festivals and fetes throughout the summer.

The dancers are now inviting more people to join.

Fiona Quinn said: “Hoofing is fantastic fun - but does require commitment to our practice evening, which is on Thursdays, in term time, at St Mary’s Centre, Haddenham.”

Call Fiona on 01844 290 723 for more information or email [email protected]