Clampdown victims vow to appeal

A10 WEEK 11'MCBH'rd'Northern Rd Parking problems
A10 WEEK 11'MCBH'rd'Northern Rd Parking problems

A SIMMERING parking dispute has come to the boil with 16 fines handed out in a single street after a police crackdown.

Every car parked on the pavement of Northern Road, Aylesbury received a penalty ticket on Friday – but the blitz left angry residents wondering where else they can park.

Katrina van Grouw, who lives in the street, said: “I am now going to park on the road but I don’t quite know what will stop people parking opposite me.

“There are more cars than places, so I don’t know where else they could park.”

Parking is a continuing problem due to the narrowness of the 19th century street, which means there is not enough room for emergency vehicles to get through.

Mrs van Grouw believes she has a strong ground to appeal against the fine, claiming parking on the pavement is the safest option.

She said: “We will all be fighting the fines. The ticket is for causing an unnecessary obstruction but I am writing a letter to explain why it is necessary to park on the pavement.

“Sadly obstructing a pavement is not as bad as obstructing the road.

“I understand it could be hard for people with pushchairs but I see it as much more dangerous if it was on the road and blocking ambulances or fire engines.”

Each resident had already received a letter of warning from the police about not parking on the pavement prior to the fines being handed out.

The police got involved in the issue following complaints from people with pushchairs or using wheelchairs.

Thames Valley Police anti-social behaviour assistant Claire Rhoades said: “We received a number of complaints in reaction to people parking on the pavements of Northern Road.

“People were not able to get through with small children in buggies and this is something we saw when we were down there on Friday.

“I would encourage residents to make sure they are not causing an obstruction when parking their car.

“There are spaces around the area and drivers will just have to be mindful when parking their cars.”

Police are now working with the district and county councils to find a solution.

Possibilities include marked parking bays on one side of the road, or turning it into a one-way street.