Chef '˜making progress' after skull fracture fall

The former chef of The White Hart who fell from a roof in Peru is '˜showing signs of improvement' having woken from a coma.
Will Welch in hospitalWill Welch in hospital
Will Welch in hospital

Will Welch, 58, travelled 6,000 miles to create alternative energy sources in Tarapoto. And he had only been there for a week when he fell from a roof and fractured his skull.

But he has now been moved from hospital in Lima to a care home which is ‘quieter’, ‘more sterile’, and has ‘better all round care’

Despite contracting pneumonia, Will is reacting well to music and poetry, and he is able to open his eyes.

Will’s friend and former business partner, Chris Marchington, said: “We’re not out of the woods but he is showing signs of improvement - not least, he is still alive.

“They gave him a couple of days and here we are 55 days later and he is still with us.

“I’m quietly optimistic but acutely aware of not raising expectations. This kind of damage is serious damage. But no one has written him off. He’s obviously fighting.”

Will worked at the Buckingham pub in March and lived with his half-sister, Judie Lusby, in Sandmartin Close.

It was discovered that Will did not have any travel insurance and Chris believes his repatriation could cost up to £100,000.

Chris has even signed up to run the London Marathon for Will next year, to boost funds.

After a successful career in graphic design in London, Will decided to dedicate his life to ecology. He travelled to the Caribbean in 2008, where he helped set up an organic garden using hydroponics to grow fruit and vegetables.

A donation site and blog,, has been set up and donations have reached $6,800 (£4,622).

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