Cheers! Village pub in Aylesbury Vale re-opens with new lease of life

Andy Sewter (left) and Cullum Boland pulling the first pints at the Bell pub in Hardwick
Andy Sewter (left) and Cullum Boland pulling the first pints at the Bell pub in Hardwick

An Aylesbury Vale pub has re-opened its doors after a long closure.

The Bell pub in Hardwick opened its doors on Saturday night.

Villager Andy Sewter has taken over the lease of the pub which had been closed since last summer.

He said: "The previous owner got into financial difficulties and left suddenly.

"It was empty for three months.

"I live about 100 yards from the pub and decided to run it myself."

Mr Sewter previously worked as a conference organiser but is entering uncharted territory as he has never owned a pub before.

He added: "We have a party coming up on Saturday 15th, which is for villagers, to celebrate our re-opening.

"I am currently interviewing for a chef but things are coming together nicely."

While the chef position remains vacant, the pub is only serving drinks but buffet food can be provided to order.

There will also be special events and the popular monthly Hardwick quiz will recommence on January 9 before running on the first Wednesday of every month throughout the rest of 2019.

Andy said: “I am very pleased to be able to facilitate the reopening of the Bell.

"The pub is right at the heart of the community in villages such as Hardwick and this is the first step in our plan to buck the depressing trend of pub closures in Bucks and provide a service for people throughout the county.”

Hardwick Village Community Association's chair Gill Hogarth said: “We are delighted to see the Bell open again and wish Andy and his team all the very best for the future.”