Cheer on the dedication of the theatre walkers

The Waterside Theatre's Whittington Walkers
The Waterside Theatre's Whittington Walkers

If you’re an early bird you might want to rise and shine before the crack of dawn on Saturday August 8 to wave off a team of walkers from the Waterside Theatre.

The Whittington Walkers is a group of theatre staff who will leave at 4am to walk 52 miles to London.

The walkers are undertaking their challenge to raise money for Florrie’s Children’s Hospice and chose their name and challenge to reflect this year’s pantomime, Dick Whittington. The colleagues have already walked hundreds of miles in training, traversing canal paths, hills and valleys; overcoming bites, cuts and stings; and enduring back strain from carrying up to three litres of water each.

The fund raising target is £5,000 and all donations are greatly received at