Check on your elderly neighbours during the hot weather Bucks residents urged

Bucks County Council offices
Bucks County Council offices

Residents across Buckinghamshire are being urged to check on their elderly neighbours during the current prolonged spell of hot weather.

In recent weeks Bucks has basked in glorious sunshine – with temperatures soaring to as high as 30C.

However county chiefs have urged people to check on elderly friends and family members during the summer months to ensure they are coping in the heat.

Addressing a meeting of Bucks County Council’s cabinet yesterday (Monday) leader Martin Tett said: “We ought to be making everyone aware, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, of the importance of adequate hydration.

“Taking water with them, and asking people to look in on neighbours, particularly the elderly, to make sure they are OK in the heat and hot weather.”

Cabinet member for community engagement and public health Noel Brown said: “People need to get more used to keeping an eye on neighbours who are frail.”