Charlotte leaps in memory of friend.

A BUNGEE jump isn’t everyone’s idea of a great raffle prize but schoolgirl Charlotte Taylor leapt at the chance in a bid to raise funds in memory of former school pal Rowan Varey.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 22nd June 2012, 1:00 pm

The jump was won during a fund-raising gala last year but the winner offered it to fearless Charlotte.

The sponsored jump raised funds for the Rowan Varey Memorial Fund, set up by parents Angie and Dave Varey in memory of their daughter who died, aged 11, after a heroic battle with cancer and chronic heart and lung problems.

Money donated to the memorial fund has since been used to build a boarding school, in Uganda, for deaf children who had been orphaned, with one wing of the dormitory named after Rowan, from Wing.

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Said Charlotte: “Before doing the jump I was told by many different people that I must be mad to jump from a 160ft platform, over a lake, with just a bungee cord to protect me. Surprisingly, I wasn’t at all scared to do the jump, although I must admit, once I was stood with my toes on the edge of the platform, looking out to the massive drop I was about to launch myself into, I did feel slightly nervous.

“There wasn’t a lot of time for this though, and within seconds of feeling the nerves kick in, I thought of Rowan and how brave she had been through her long battle, and suddenly didn’t feel so scared anymore!

“I was doing this jump for Rowan, and for all the children she had helped through the memorial fund. So after three, I jumped. At first, it felt a lot like I was free-falling towards the lake, as I couldn’t feel the bungee cord that I was attached to. But then, just as I was coming scarily close to the lake, the cord pulled me back up.

“The overall amount raised came to just under £300 and I would like to thank all my family and friends who donated money towards the fund. I’m considering a sky dive next!”

Said Angie: “The bungee jump was a raffle prize donated to an amazing event put on last September by a friend, Jan Weekes, which raised a clear £4,000! The person who won the jump didn’t want to do it so offered it to Charlotte, who thought she’d accept the challenge and raise money for the fund at the same time – bravery or what?!”

Anyone wanting to find out more about the remarkable achievements of the Vareys and the work they have done, in Rowan’s name, to help disadvantaged children around the world, should log onto their dedicated website . Donations via Paypal can also be made.