Celebrating 30 years of caring for people with life-limiting illnesses

Rennie Grove PNL-150821-110130001
Rennie Grove PNL-150821-110130001

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is a local charity providing palliative care for patients diagnosed with cancer or another life-limiting illness.

Our 24-hour Hospice at Home service enables patients to remain at home during their illness, and even to die at home if that is their wish.

Working closely with other healthcare professionals from the statutory and voluntary sector, our Hospice at Home nurses provide specialist and hands-on nursing care in patients’ homes at any time of the day or night.

This year marks 30 Years of Care for the charities that came together to found Rennie Grove.

In 1985, Bucks resident Iain Rennie chose to be cared for in his own home after a terminal diagnosis and five nurses collaborated with his GP to make this happen.

Those nurses were the first five clinicians of Iain Rennie Hospice at Home (IRHH).

Caring for more than 10,000 patients across the Chilterns over 25 years, IRHH merged with Grove House, in St Albans, in 2011 in order to extend our model of 24-hour responsive care further into Herts, giving more people the choice to be cared for at home.

Now nearly 60 nurses make around 20,000 visits to patients’ homes across Bucks and Herts each year.

In Aylesbury Vale alone, our Hospice at Home nurses have already made over 1,000 visits to patients at home during April, May and June, the first quarter of this financial year.

With this level of support, about 70 per cent of our patients are able to spend their final days at home, compared with just 22 per cent nationally. Rennie Grove also manages a children’s Hospice at Home team funded by the Pepper Foundation.

All our care is provided at no cost to patients or their families, but it costs the charity £6.7 million every year to fund the service.

With the number of over-75s predicted to double in the next 30 years, we anticipate a corresponding rise in life-limiting illness and an increased demand for our service.

The local community already funds about 85 per cent of our running costs.

Our 20 shops generate more than £2 million each year and we rely on the support and expertise of over 1,500 regular and part-time volunteers, who save the charity over £1.5 million each year. And we’ll become increasingly reliant on your generosity in order to reach everyone who needs us.

We already have plans in place to make sure we can provide the same standard of care around the clock.

Read more in our next 30 Years feature, coming soon.