‘Celebrate, but not with Chinese lanterns’ plea

Country landowners are urging asking people not to use Chinese lanterns amid fears that some Jubilee celebrations could cause serious damage and put lives at risk.

Sunday, 3rd June 2012, 7:22 am

Country Landowners Association regional director Nicola Currie said: “While the country celebrates over the coming days, anyone who owns land and property across the region will have a nervous eye on the sky in case Chinese lanterns are heading their way.

“While lanterns are being promoted as a way to celebrate the Jubilee, it’s understandable that people will buy them.

“But I would ask that people stop and think of the potential consequences before releasing these naked flames across our towns and countryside. A lantern can fly for miles and you have no control over where it lands.

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if the flame goes out, animals have died after consuming the remains of lanterns. The risks are now well known and many countries have already banned them.

“Until the UK follows suit, the CLA is asking people not to use them and to celebrate safely, memorably and with consideration for others.”