Cashier gives out 4,000 cards to customers

Josie Brown has written 4,000 Christmas cards to give out to customers at Budgens at Bedgrove
Josie Brown has written 4,000 Christmas cards to give out to customers at Budgens at Bedgrove

A cashier truly gets into the festive spirit by handing out thousands of Christmas cards to all her customers.

Josie Brown, 73, who works at Budgens in Bedgrove, has written more than 4,000 cards this year which she gives to customers as she scans their shopping.

Mrs Brown said: “I start writing the cards in September so they are ready to give out.

“I write about 3,000 cards for adults and 300 for children per year but because I have done some overtime and we have been busy I have had to write extra cards this year.

“The children’s cards all have a Father Christmas stamp on them as well.

“I buy them from the Card Factory in Aylesbury and because I get so many they give me a staff discount.

“I probably spent about £500 on cards this year.”

The cards are signed ‘Happy Christmas, love Josie and family’.

Each year the cards contain an insert with a message, which this year is about the Christmas Truce, which happened exactly 100 years ago.

Mrs Brown, who has written and handed out the cards for ten years said she was inspired to do so by the evangelist Roger Carswell.

She said: “I am trying to give customers the message of Christmas and also encouraging them to believe in the Christmas story.

“Most people are great and say thank you and they really appreciate it.

“You get the odd person who says ‘are you Buddhist or a Jehovah’s Witness?’

“I always wear a selection of Christmas badges every year instead of my usual smiley-face badges which encourage everyone to be happy.”

Mrs Brown lives with her husband Terry, 76, in Welbeck Avenue, just over half a mile from the store that she has worked at for 27 years.

In 2008, she was named sales assistant of the year and received the community hero award at the Sales Assistant Awards, after being nominated by customers.

Mrs Brown said: “I did originally work six days a week but when I turned 60 I asked if that could be cut to five, so that is what I do.

“When I am on the early shift I get there at just after quarter past five in the morning so I can bring in the newspapers and magazines.

“If I’m on the early shift, I get up at about half past three because I find I don’t need too much sleep.

“I have been known to write cards at half past one in the morning.

“My family think I’m a bit mad writing all these Christmas cards but my husband thinks it is a good idea.”