Can you provide a long-term home, caring for a working School Dog?

Clare Lush and Patience The Dog
Clare Lush and Patience The Dog

The Vale federation of schools are looking for someone to take care of their wonderful community dogs, who help the pupils at the Schools.

Their School Dogs work part-time at The Vale Federation of Special Schools, Stocklake Park School and Booker Park School.

The school dog project sees specially trained community dogs working in our schools to support students, with a range of learning difficulties, with their education and development.

School Dog Holders are required in the Aylesbury area.

We need help from local volunteers who can look after these life changing dogs and commit to transporting them to and from school.

Claire Lush, who looks after Patience the Dog at Stocklake School, said:

"We need 'foster families' to take care of our wonderful dogs in their down time from their working hours.

"We want people to take them for nice walks before they come in to school, to keep them clean and happy at home.

Dogs for good and the Vale Federation will cover the all veterinary bills, food, bed and lead costs, but they do ask you buy them treats and toys to keep them happy.

Claire added, that foster parents will just need to allow them to live a normal life as a dog, outside of their working hours.

"The only thing we ask is that you keep up their training - which is where we will help you out. Because of the nature of the dogs work, we can't have them stealing food off the table, for example.

If you fit the following criteria and would be interested in this unique role then please get in touch:

 Live in or close to Aylesbury for daily drop offs and collections.

 Have a fully enclosed, secure garden with a minimum fence/wall height of 5ft.

 Not leave the dog for more than a four hour period each day.

 Be prepared to spend time each day exercising the dog as per the School Dog Handler’s instructions.

 Have suitable transport for a large, Labrador sized dog.

 Have no more than two pet dogs.

Claire added: "What's wonderful about this is that foster parents will be recieving a highly trained dog, which has been through all the (sometimes) stressful puppy beheavioural classes, at a nice stage of the dogs life where they are nice and settled and well behaved. Also, there is very little financial responsibility. coupled with this, you get to see the amazing work the dogs do and look after an every day hero for the children."

For more information and an application form please contact Claire Lush: