Campaign by builders to keep children safe this holiday

A campaign to raise awareness with children on the dangers of entering and playing around building sites has been launched as the summer holidays begin.
Bloor Homes warning on site dangersBloor Homes warning on site dangers
Bloor Homes warning on site dangers

Bloor Homes South Midlands, which has a construction site at Thame Meadows development on Oxford Road, wants to educate teachers, parents and children, helping to prevent any unnecessary accidents during the six-week break.

The company has been holding site safety visits for school children in the run-up to the holidays.

Construction director Carl Slater said: “Whilst the number of children killed or injured on UK construction sites continues to fall, there is no room for complacency. That’s why we believe in the importance of reminding young children about the dangers of entering building sites, especially before a long holiday when they have more time to play.

“In addition to arranging site safety visits for school children to a number of developments across the region we have developed five simple reminders for parents and teachers to tell children, helping keep them safe over the summer.”

Safety first this summer

1.Never enter a building site – building sites can be dangerous places and should never be entered by members of the public, especially children

2.Large moving vehicles – large vehicles drive in and out of building sites regularly to deliver materials. Children should never play close to the entrance of a building site or on the building site itself as they may not be seen easily by a driver

3.Dangerous materials – there can be the risk of falling materials and/or hazardous and flammable materials stored on site. It is important that anyone entering a building site has permission to be there, has received the proper training and is wearing the correct safety clothing

4.Machinery in operation – while they may look like big toys, the heavy and dangerous machinery which is in operation on a building site could cause serious injury to a child. Children should never play on or near to any machinery on a building site.

5.Openings and excavations – during construction there can be areas where the ground has been dug out or ledges from which building work is taking place. Whilst these will be barriered off to prevent falls, it is important that children do not enter a site and put themselves at risk

Carl added: “We hope that these simple facts will help parents and teachers across Thame spread the word to children in the area about the importance of safety on building sites.

“Whilst we always ensure that all of our construction areas are fenced off with the correct warning signs in place we still want to make sure that children understand the dangers and can enjoy their summer holidays without risk of injury.”

Bloor Homes is currently building new homes at developments across the South Midlands region including Thame Meadows, where the three bedroom Staunton home is available from £510,000 (£408,000 with Help to Buy) and the five bedroom Bolberry design is available for £900,000.

For more information on the homes and incentives available, please visit the marketing suite on Oxford Road, Thame, OX9 2DA. Alternatively contact the sales advisor on 01455 819 743 or visit

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