Call to action over potholes on busy road

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A ’dangerous’ pothole is getting ‘worse by the day’ and needs sorting out according to parish council chiefs.

Watermead Parish Council discussed a huge clutch of potholes on Weedon Road after residents complained.

And councillor Eric Rose called on Transport for Bucks to fix the problem soon, before an accident happens.

He said: “I go that way pretty well every day and have noticed that it’s really getting worse.

“Now cars are swerving to avoid the deepest potholes and that is extremely dangerous.

“This is one of the major roads in Aylesbury and there is a lot of heavy traffic that uses it.

“It is getting worse by the day.

“A lot of people from Watermead use that route every day, and have expressed concerns.”

The potholes stretch along the left hand carriageway of Weedon Road as it heads towards the roundabout near the Gateway.

On a visit to the site a reporter witnessed numerous cars slowing down for the potholes, and some swerving into the adjacent carriageway to avoid damaging their vehicles.

This newspaper is 
awaiting a comment from Transport For Bucks, part of Bucks County Council which is responsible for roads 
maintenance across the county.