What a relief! Plans to build four runway international airport in Haddenham in 2030 officially scrapped

Photo: British Airways PLC
Photo: British Airways PLC

Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd has now revealed the proposal, one of 10 being considered to tackle predictions that London airports will be full by 2030, is no longer being considered.

The controversial plans were blasted by Thame MP John Howell and Aylesbury MP David Lidington while local residents also reacted angrily.

Chief executive officer Colin Matthews wrote to Mr Howell: “We believe maintaining a strong hub airport in the UK is of vital importance to our economy, jobs, investment and trade.

“In order to provide the Airports Commission with a full and credible response as they work on this important issue, last year we asked consultants to consider all options for an expanded hub airport in the South East.

“The story that appeared in Aviation Week [which sparked fears an airport in Haddenham could be built] recently contained early drafts of these concepts developed by our consultants. We do not endorse the designs and I can confirm that we will not be proposing plans for a new airport as part of our submission to the Airports Commission in July.”

The plans would have resulted in neighbouring villages Chearsley and Long Crendon being practically destroyed but Mr Howell said he was delighted to see the proposal dropped.

“I am glad that Heathrow has confirmed that Haddenham is not a serious proposition,” he said.

“The letter confirms that the airport is interested in a strong hub airport which presumably means it is interested in expanding at Heathrow. This should come as welcome relief to Thame and to the surrounding villages as far south as Henley who would be affected by noise from take-offs and landings.”