Unemployment at lowest level since economic downturn

Unemployment is at its lowest since the economic downturn
Unemployment is at its lowest since the economic downturn

Unemployment in the Vale is now at the same level as before the global economic crash in mid-2008.

According to latest figures for December, there were just 844 people (or 0.7% of working age population) claiming jobs seekers allowance – exactly the same number as in January 2008.

It compares to 1,399 in December 2013, and 1,947 in December 2012. In March 2009, 2,325 people (or 2.1%) were claiming job seekers – the worst moment for the Vale during the downturn.

In Aylesbury Vale there are 90,400 people in employment, 17,300 of which are self-employed.

A total of 990 homes were built last year, more than every ‘core’ city in the UK with the 
exception of Leeds, where 1,610 new homes were created. A high figure usually indicates confidence in the housing market, a key economic indicator.

Rupert Waters, of Bucks Business First, hailed the statistics.

He said: “Buckinghamshire is most certainly one of the most productive counties in the country and we rank fourth in the country.

“These figures seem to show that the economy is recovering, but what is important is that as the government looks to develop a northern powerhouse, that Buckinghamshire is not neglected.

“We need to kick on from the growth that we have shown during the recession.

“For each industry Buckinghamshire is overwhelmingly over-represented for knowledge based roles, we have a very high number of professionals and technical people working in the county.”