Shops concerned as bank slashes opening hours

Lloyds Bank in Wendover High Street
Lloyds Bank in Wendover High Street
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  • Lloyds Bank in Wendover will only open between 10am and 3pm on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Concerns over banking and getting change for local shops
  • Charity shop manager says she will have to buy a safe

The only bank in a village which is relied upon by shops and businesses has scaled back its opening hours to two days a week.

Lloyds Bank in Wendover has announced that it will now only open between 10am and 3pm on a Tuesday and Thursday, in a move which spells trouble for the firms which bank there.

The changes will come into play from June 1, and customers have been advised of the move by letter.

Shirley Baker, manager of the Florence Nightingale Hospice shop in the village says that they will be forced to get an expensive safe as a result.

She said: “It will totally change the way we do our banking, getting change will also be a problem.

“It will also have an impact on people who live in Wendover, particularly the older ones, and we hope that business doesn’t suffer. For us we will have to get a safe which will cost money that was donated to the charity, we can’t have the takings unsecured, a lot of shops will be in the same position.

“Even when the bank is open it is only from 10am 
til 3pm, it’s going to be a nightmare.

“Customers that come into our shop are really complaining about it, Not everyone is confident with online banking or cash machines, Lloyds should be looking after their customers.”

Lloyds bank said the move is due to a very low customer footfall at the branch.

A spokesman added: “These changes have been made to more closely 
reflect the usage of the branch and the needs of our customers in the area.”