Meet the Princes Risborough businesswoman taking on a new challenge

Sylvia Baldock
Sylvia Baldock

A businesswoman who has helped improve the careers of thousands of women is moving on to a new challenge.

Sylvia Baldock joined The Athena Network in 2007 when she returned from a ten-year career break following a diagnosis of ME.

Mrs Baldock, 58, of Princes Risborough, visited the network, a woman’s business community, in a bid to help her return to the workplace following the illness.

She said: “I was doing a great high-level sales job but I was running myself ragged, which may have had something to do with my illness.

“It affected me so much and I couldn’t go out, which was hard for someone like me who was very active.

“I was very lucky I had a GP who knew me well and we tried different ways to make me better.

“Within three months I was 75% better through a combination of altering my diet, doing more exercise such as yoga and looking after my body.”

After visiting the Athena Network Mrs Baldock became a regional director buying two franchises and rolling out eight new groups to help businesswomen.

She estimates she has helped thousands of women over the past decade and is now focusing on her other areas of expertise which include public speaking and personal training.

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