Aston Clinton submit neighbourhood plan for six week consultation period

Aston Clinton have launched a 6 week consultation on their neighbourhood plan
Aston Clinton have launched a 6 week consultation on their neighbourhood plan

Policies outlined in the plan will be used in making all planning decisions in the Parish untill 2033

The vision of The Neighbourhood Plan [NHP] is "To maintain the long established integrity and identity of the village of Aston Clinton within its rural setting and its special historic and architectural character, while managing change and embracing appropriate local development which meets the social, economic and environmental needs of the community."

The NHP also outlines a settlement boundary, provision for affordable housing, support for agriculture and employment opportunities, along with the building of a new community centre.

The NHP, once adopted, will be a legal document which must be considered during all planning processes.

Despite this, the NHP cannot prevent developers from building houses once approved, but it can influence the design and layout of the developments.

Policies were reached after extensive discussions with the NHP committee, formed of Parish Councillors and volunteers, who engaged with residents and businesses to ensure maximum community input.

Liz Tubb, Chairman of Aston Clinton Parish Council said: "We're hoping it will go some way to stop the large scale development in Aston Clinton, and it will ensure any current development plans will comply with design quality outlined in the plan.

"We have to consult with the community on what they want out of their village looking forward.

"A lot of residents are concerned about coalescence, we don't want to be part of Aylesbury or Weston Turville, we want to be Aston Clinton!

"It's important that we retain the identity of the place, be it our green spaces and natural beauty, or our distinctive pubs and restaurants.

"We must keep our community assets that make Aston Clinton what it is."

Liz wants to encourage residents and businesses to read the plan and comment on it, during its six week period of consultation.

"We think we've got it right but we want to hear from the people of Aston Clinton - It would be great for us to get as much feedback as possible.

"AVDC have got to listen to the people of Aston Clinton, that we don't want any more large scale developments in Aston Clinton!"

An electronic form for the submission of comments can be found on the Aston Clinton NHP website , along with a digital copy of the full neighborhood plan.

If you would like to comment at this stage on the plan before it is passed to statutory bodies for a further period of consultation, please email your comments to by 26 July 2017.