Bucks social services met with girl after she told teacher about sex with older man, Old Bailey hears

Jurors in the trial of 11 men charged with sex offences against two children have been told one of the girls confided in a teacher that she was having sex with an older man.
The trial is being held at the Old BaileyThe trial is being held at the Old Bailey
The trial is being held at the Old Bailey

The girl, who is now aged 21, referred to as Woman A to protect her identity, was being cross examined after a week of giving evidence at the trial.

A barrister acting on behalf of Aylesbury market trader Harmohan Nangpal asked her today (Tuesday) about the time she says she told a teacher she feared she may be pregnant when she was 12 or 13 years old.

The barrister said: “I know that there was a time that you said something to your teacher, you blurted something out.

“The result I think you said was bad, that’s one way of putting it, but I think there was some concern.

“You said things to your teacher that made them worry that you might be pregnant.”

Woman A replied that during this time she was having sex with a man called Vikram Singh, who is a defendant in the case.

She said that Singh, who was in his 30s at the time of the alleged assaults, would not always use protection and she would take a pregnancy test every week.

The barrister said: “What you told your teacher was that you were sleeping with an older man.

“There was then a meeting between your teachers and social services from Bucks County Council, do you remember meeting with a social worker?”

To this Woman A replied: “I would never forget her.”

At this time, according to Woman A, she was having sex with Singh who she says took her virginity, as well as market trader Nangpal who she knew as Bobby.

But Nangpal’s barrister claimed that during the meeting with social services, and during a conversation with a friend, Woman A never mentioned that she was having sex with him too.

The court also heard that after this time, Woman A made two lists, one containing the names of all the men she had slept with, and the other with the names in age order.

Nangpal’s defence questioned why his name, or the name Bobby, was not featured on either of the lists, to which Woman A admitted that it wasn’t.

The jury were told that Woman A says she met Nangpal on his market stall, on which he sold smoking equipment and joss sticks.

She says that she was aged 12 or 13 when she told Nangpal that she ‘liked’ him, and he told her to meet him in his van, which was parked where the Aylesbury town centre Travelodge stands today.

She said for a period of about a year she would have sex with Nangpal around once a week.

Woman A, who says she was not a smoker when she started visiting the Aylesbury market stall, said: “I liked looking at the tins. I think I told him a week before that I liked him, we would always have conversations about his stall and he would explain what did what. I just liked looking at the tins and what they said on them.”

She added: “I would follow him to his van, we would have sex and then I would get out.”

Woman A says that sex with Singh and Nangpal stopped when she met Mohammed Imran (also a defendant).

She claims that months later Singh spotted her while she was walking to meet Imran, and convinced her to get into his car, driving her to a secluded location where he raped her.

While speaking to the court, Woman A said she was unsure if a nose bleed she suffered was caused by stress or by Singh hitting her during the attack.

Nangpal, of Langdale Drive, Hayes is charged with one count of rape, and one count of sexual activity with a child.

Singh, of Cannock Road, Aylesbury is charged with four counts of rape, four counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of administering a substance with intent.

Faisel Iqbal, 31, Arshad Jani, 32, Akbari Khan, 35, Taimoor Khan, 28, and Sohail Qamar, 40, all from Aylesbury, are also on trial alongside Jerome Joe, 35, from Buckingham, Asif Hussain, 32, of Milton Keynes, Mohammed Imran, 38, of Bradford and Sajid Ali, 35, of Chesham.


An alleged victim of child sexual exploitation by 11 men in Aylesbury told a court how a man she believed was 39 took her virginity when she was just 12.

Vikram Singh, of Cannock Road, Aylesbury is charged with four counts of rape, four counts of sex with a child and one count of administering a substance with intent.

An Old Bailey jury heard on Tuesday that after meeting him in Woolworths on the night of the Aylesbury Christmas lights switch on, his alleged victim, known as Woman A, hid the fact that they were going to meet up from her mother.

In cross examination, a barrister acting on behalf of Singh, who the witness said she knew as Bicky, said: “You said that when you were first interviewed that two days later I received a text from Bicky saying can we meet.

‘There were 25-30 missed calls from him’.”

But Woman A said this was not correct, and that she had called Singh from a phone box after two or three days, and the pair had arranged to meet up.

The defence barrister said that Woman A had hidden her mobile phone from her mum at the time, because she thought she would be angry that she was talking to an older man. Woman A agreed that was indeed the case.

During cross examination Woman A described the inside of a house that she says Singh used to take her to, speaking about wedding photographs on display, and a bride wearing what she said was a traditional Muslim wedding gown in the images.

The barrister also asked Woman A whether Singh was circumcised to which she replied ‘yes’, and later on described a distinguishing diagonal scar on his face.

During the trial Woman A is giving evidence from behind a curtain and cannot see any of the defendants, who are in court behind a glass screen.

Speaking during cross examination she describes how a regular babysitter stopped looking after her when she was around 11 and a half years old, and a second babysitter only looked after her sporadically while her mother worked until late into the evening.

Woman A also described a sexual problem she claims Singh suffered from which caused a distinctive smell, and how he promised to buy her a passport and take her on holiday with him to Dubai.

Speaking about the time they first had sex, which Woman A says was at her home while her mum was at work, she said that she was a virgin but Singh did not believe her.

Describing an incident where she claims she saw Singh in Aldi a week before she first spoke to the police in 2014 about the alleged crimes, she said: “I know it was him, he’d been following me around for weeks.”

The case continues.

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