Bucks residents lobby MPs over climate change

Christian Aid supporters from across Bucks were among thousands of people from around the UK to take their call for action on climate change to MPs in Westminster.

By Neil Shefferd
Friday, 19th June 2015, 3:04 pm
Christian Aid representative Jo Howard lobbies Wycombe MP Steve Baker
Christian Aid representative Jo Howard lobbies Wycombe MP Steve Baker

The lobby was organised by the Climate Coalition in support of its For the Love of... campaign and members spoke to ministers about the things that they love and want to protect from climate change as well as sharing their vision of a cleaner and greener planet.

Among the Bucks representatives were Jo Howard who met Wycombe MP Steve Baker outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Howard said: “It was really important to me to travel to Westminster to bring home just how vital it is that our Government takes decisive and urgent action on climate change.

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“I’m here with people from local churches, the Women’s Institute and other organisations.

“Scientists predict that at the current rate of carbon emissions tens of millions more people will go hungry in the next couple of decades as agricultural yields diminish across the globe.

“The time to act is now.

“The irony is that here in the UK we continue to enjoy our beautiful natural environment while millions of people around the globe are suffering the impact of our carbon emissions.

“We mustn’t hide away from the consequence of our actions – we have to keep up the pressure on those in power so they are in no doubt about the strength of feeling on the ground.”