Bucks hit by new 'disc gate' scandal

BUCKS has been hit by its very own 'disc gate' scandal after confidential information about a number of Bucks County Council employees was put at risk when tax officials sent their details to the wrong address.

H. M. Revenue and Customs sent PAYE details for Bucks County Council to a private address in the village of Merton, Oxfordshire.

The man to whom they were sent has no connection with Buckinghamshire County Council and was astonished when he opened the envelope from the taxman. He alerted his M.P., Tony Baldry, and wrote to warn Bucks County Council.

Aylesbury MP David Lidington said, "The incompetence of Revenue and Customs beggars belief. They now admit that they had the wrong address for Bucks County Council in their database. I do not begin to understand how officials can mistake a private residential address in an Oxfordshire village for a Council headquarters in a different county. How many other confidential documents is the taxman sending to the wrong address?"

"This isn't an isolated case. It is but the latest example of disgraceful incompetence in Revenue and Customs. Ministers and senior officials seem have completely lost their grip. Taxpayers are entitled to a far better standard of service than this."

Have you been affected by the recent national 'disc gate' scandal?

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