Buckinghamshire County Councillor Mark Shaw responds to public traffic petition

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County CouncilMark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council
Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council
Cabinet member for Transportation at Buckinghamshire County Council, is 'unhappy' about the impact of Thames Water emergency work.

In response to the Bucks Herald's article addressing three days of traffic nightmares for commuters, Mark Shaw from Buckinghamshire County Council has responded to a public petition that has been set up.

The article is available here: http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/sign-petition-set-up-after-nightmare-morning-traffic-in-aylesbury-1-7856329Cabinet Member for Transportation at Buckinghamshire County Council, Mark Shaw said, “Petitions on local issues are welcomed by the Council. It’s an important part of local democracy and in this case clearly people were very unhappy about the traffic impact of Thames Water’s emergency work. We’ll be responding to the petition in detail after it closes.”

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The petition lobbies Bucks County Council to think seriously about roads management.

Organiser Kevin Cox said: “If you are a resident of Aylesbury, I’m sure you will know the pain that we all feel on the daily basis when the entire town grinds to a halt between 07.30am and 09.30am, and then frequently again in the evenings. As soon as a very minor incident such as a broken down car occurs on any of the roads into or out of Aylesbury, the rest of the town feels the knock-on effect almost instantly and nobody is going anywhere."

“I believe it’s about time the council took a serious look at the issues within the town. It is not only proving a huge inconvenience for people living in Aylesbury, but is also harming the local economy with the traffic problems putting businesses off of moving into or investing in the town.”

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