Buckingham turns over a new loaf

The Barber Shop, Buckingham, new premises in Market Hill. Mick Gibson, proprietor.
The Barber Shop, Buckingham, new premises in Market Hill. Mick Gibson, proprietor.

Buckingham is turning over a new loaf with the opening of a much sought-after bakery in the town centre – but will it be a cut above the competition?

The Buckingham Bakery, bursting with artisan breads, pastries and sandwiches, will open on Market Hill in early June.

It will spring up in place of The Barber Shop, which has moved a few doors down and now has a gleaming motorbike in the front window.

Barbers owner Mick Gibson and his wife Emma have partnered with Ian and Lisa Mendola, owners of the The Crown at Gawcott, to bring the bakery to town.

And with help from a Brackley baker who will prepare the tasty treats, the people of Buckingham will be able to enjoy the bakery they have been calling for.

“The response is just amazing,” said Mr Gibson, who will continue to run the barbers too. “We looked at the Facebook group and there were 83 positive comments.

“But what we want to encourage is people saying what they would like to see in there. We don’t know it all so there will be a comments box in there once it opens.

“It’s going to be an old-school, old-style bakery, with nothing in there that looks out of place.”

Mr Gibson, who has lived in the area for more than 30 years, added: “It’s not so much about making money.

“We like Buckingham and we are all a part of it so we thought how can we enhance the town?

“We are hoping that we get the support from local people - we do need support to make it work.

“A bakery on its own won’t make enough money – we are well aware of that – so that’s why it’s a mix between a deli and a bakery.”

There will be an array of pastries, fresh breads and Sicilian coffee as well as ‘bespoke’ sandwiches and cold drinks.