Brother's tribute to Teyab Shah '˜he was an inspiration'

A loving tribute has been made to a popular young man from Aylesbury who tragically died in a car crash in Aston Abbotts last month.

Wednesday, 28th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 1:55 pm

Teyab Shah died aged just 21 in the early hours of August 29 and his well-attended funeral was held on September 2 at Aylesbury Ghausia Mosque in Havelock Street.

His brother, Waseem, who this week sent the Herald a heart-rending tribute, said it has left his friends and grief-stricken family in shock and ‘a total state of disbelief’.

Waseem said: “He was the most intelligent, ambitious and most driven person we knew, it is dismaying to see him so suddenly pass on through to the next world.

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“Teyab was a kind-hearted and well-respected soul who cared for, supported, and gave to anyone and everyone who asked or needed comfort, company or aid.”

A talented electrician who worked for Green Retreats in Wescott, Teyab had plans to one day establish his own business alongside his uncle.

He was known for his remarkable wiring skills, sometimes wiring people’s houses free of charge, Waseem explained. “He would always look out for others before even permitting consideration to himself,” he said.

The town’s mosque has never accommodated a funeral comparable to Teyab’s, his brother said. Areas of Aylesbury were packed with vehicles and friends and family came from a variety of towns and cities as well as work colleagues, school friends and what seemed like a huge portion of Aylesbury Muslim’s community.

Waseem added: “Not only did Teyab possess a great personality but he was also gifted with a superb sense of humour – an expert at making people laugh.

“He had an advantageous impact on countless individuals and he rightly touched the hearts of everyone he knew.

“He was an inspiration to success as he simply wanted to be the best at what he did and achieve to the finest of his ability – he was loved by all and will be greatly missed.”

Teyab’s death comes just 18 months after his brother Qasim Shah tragically died in his sleep aged just 27.

Waseem said Qasim’s death weighed heavily on Teyab’s shoulders but he always stayed strong for the sake of his family, adding: “Qasim and Teyab were more than just common brothers so the death of Qasim was silently tearing Teyab’s heart and soul from the vessel that held them.

“Teyab took it upon himself to ensure that Qasim’s grave appeared as beautiful as possible so as a sympathetic and loving act, each and every week he would spend almost £100 on flowers – he also grew roses in his backyard hoping to eventually place them on Qasim’s grave.

“But such a shattering and heart-breaking occurrence lamentably made it so he would not live to proceed with this undertaking.”

Waseem added: “He encouraged us all to tackle life’s challenges with enthusiasm, to keep moving forward with confidence and purify our minds by eliminating the poison and menace of negativity.”