BREXIT OPINION: Martin Tett, Leader of Bucks County Council "I think this will be a fascinating period for Britain"

This newspaper got in touch with Buckinghamshire's Councillors to find out what they think about life after Brexit, after Theresa May began Britain's formal exit from the European Union by triggering Article 50 yesterday.
BCC Council Leader, Martin TettBCC Council Leader, Martin Tett
BCC Council Leader, Martin Tett

Martin Tett, Leader of Bucks County Council said: "I'm optimistic, I've always been a supporter of Britain taking a major role on the global stage. I think it will be a fascinating period for Britain.

"I've always been a strong internationalist, I believe Britain has a huge role to play on the global stage. I've always contested the stereotype of little England and little Britain. Leaving the EU means we can get back on the global stage as a trading nation.

"I do however, believe that the negotiations will be difficult. I think there is a mindset among European officials to penalise Britain for leaving. Although I don't think that wil carry, as soon as the top table politicians go over there.

"It is a period of uncertainty as we withdraw but I certainly believe that the council here will be doing the best to support our businesses through the next couple of years. It is pivotal that we have a thriving and growing economy.

"I'm optimistic for Buckinghamshire, I think its a fantastic place to do business. It has superb transport links and our track record proves that big, international companies such as Pinewood and Arla want to come here. We are a global county.