BREXIT OPINION: Llew Monger - "What on earth have we done!"

This newspaper got in touch with Buckinghamshire's Councillors to find out what they think about life after Brexit, after Theresa May began Britain's formal exit from the European Union by triggering Article 50 yesterday.
Llew Monger, Winslow CouncillorLlew Monger, Winslow Councillor
Llew Monger, Winslow Councillor

Winslow Councillor, Llew Monger - "I don't think we will see any dramatic change in Buckinghamshire until sometime after we have formally departed from the EU. We have a long two years of negotiation ahead of us.

"My concerns still remain the same as they did on the morning of the 24th of June, when the result was announced. What on earth have we done? I really worry about the future for young people and I despair about some of what's been trotted out by the hard Brexiteers.

"I was much encouraged listening to the wise words of Lord Patton this morning. The difference between him, an international statesman and former EU commissioner, somebody who actually knows about what he is talking about in comparison to some of the Brexiteers - for example that the EU needs us more than we need the EU - is absolute rubbish.

"I hope that we stay in the single market and customs union - although there is no certainty whatsoever that we it will be on the same trade terms."