BREXIT OPINION: Buckingham Town Councillor Jon Harvey- "I think it's a huge gamble for the country"

This newspaper got in touch with Buckinghamshire's Councillors to find out what they think about life after Brexit, after Theresa May began Britain's formal exit from the European Union by triggering Article 50 yesterday.
Buckingham Town Councillor, Jon Harvey (Centre)Buckingham Town Councillor, Jon Harvey (Centre)
Buckingham Town Councillor, Jon Harvey (Centre)

Jon Harvey, Buckingham Town Councillor : "I hope it all works out, but I fear it may not. I think it's a huge gamble for the Country.

"My only hope is that the government is held to account at all stages of brokering this deal. We need a deal now that will not hurt the country in the medium and long term.

"In times of uncertainty regarding international security, surely we are better off pooling our resources? We are all worried about security and the only way forward to tackle international terrorism is by international co-operation.

"Whatever emerges from these negotiations, it has to be something that is better than what we currently have.

"I do hope we experience some of the sunny climes that the 'Brexiteers' have convinced us of.

"Buckinghamshire is known for it's small and medium sized businesses, so lets hope what comes out of the negotiations is something that benefits them and the county as a whole."