BREXIT: County council leader: 'Good news but we need a period of calm'

County chief Martin Tett is celebrating this morning after Britain's Brexit vote.
County council leader Martin TettCounty council leader Martin Tett
County council leader Martin Tett

Mr Tett, who was vocal about his desire for the UK to leave the EU says that the move is positive, and will help Britain get back its best.

He said: “It feels exciting and optimistic, I’m really excited for this country.

“But there needs to be a period of calm, and this is not a time for the media to go around with hyperbole. Markets do go up and down and let’s see how it all looks in 48 hours.

“We have the fifth largest economy in the world and we are big player. The EU would be really stupid not to have a good trading relationship with us.”

And Mr Tett echoed the views of Prime Minister David Cameron, who in his resignation speech this morning said that the country needs a ‘period of calm’.

Mr Tett said: “The last thing that this country needs at the moment is political instability, what we need right now is a period of political calm.

“I think David Cameron is a good Prime Minister.”

But Mr Tett said that in his view the referendum vote was not won by UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and cautioned against the public having this view.

He said: “I have been watching TV since 6am, and it is non-stop Farage, he is not the face of the Leave campaign, he is just the leader of a small political party, but the media is fascinated by him.

“The real people who have won this referendum are Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stewart, this is as a result of their hard work.”