BREXIT: AVDC Labour leader Robin Stuchbury: 'Cause for concern, but we must all work together'

District council Labour leader Robin Stuchbury says that everyone must work together to find a new way after Brexit.

Mr Stuchbury, who voted Remain yesterday, said that communities must unite to ensure that the most vulnerable still get the support they need under this new political umbrella.

He said: “I’m disappointed and concerned for the people who may not be able to afford the luxury of the outcomes of what has been decided through this referendum.

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“I’m also concerned for public services, and what would be cut from our most vulnerable if the economy takes a hit.

“There are many different reasons why people voted out and I don’t think there was any definitive thing, but the biggest problem is that it has shown large divisions in our society which we all need to work hard to address.

“I have to hope that the impact of this referendum won’t hit the very people that voted for it.”

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