Bollards to be installed and pavement to be upgraded as part of week of safety improvement work in Waddesdon

A week of safety improvement work begins in Waddesdon on Monday April 8.

Safety bollards will be installed on the verge of the main A41 Aylesbury to Bicester Road near Wood Street and outside the village hall at the Quainton Road junction.

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At the same time, kerbs will be realigned and drains renewed outside the village hall, and the pavement will be upgraded.

While work is in progress, three-way temporary lights will be in place to control traffic between 9am and 4pm from Monday to Friday.

Later during the summer, new welcome signs will be placed at the entrances to the village on the A41, along with a new two-sided vehicle-activated speed warning sign.

Fresh white lines will then be painted throughout the village.

The work, which is scheduled to cost £63,500, is being paid for from the £80,000 awarded as a result of Waddesdon’s petition through the HS2 select committee process.

Bucks County Council is working with the high-speed rail company to ensure improved traffic safety islands are installed through the village once construction of the line is complete.

Paul Irwin, Bucks County Council’s deputy transport cabinet member said: “The village has asked for safety improvements along the main road, and I’m delighted they are getting under way.

“As a result of some great collaborations between Waddesdon Parish Council and our highways projects team, this work is being done well before HS2 construction traffic starts using the A41 through the village.”