Bodybuilder's journey to repay the town that built him

Sirtaj with his wife and kidsSirtaj with his wife and kids
Sirtaj with his wife and kids
Sirtaj Rahman has come a long way since he took up bodybuilding seriously three years ago.

When he set out to become a bodybuilder, he had always planned to make a documentary which charted his progress, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his iconic documentary 'pumping iron'.

After meeting Aiden North, a talented camera man - they instantly hit it off and Aiden agreed to start filming Sirtaj while he trained for competitions, with vignettes into his family and home life back in 2016.

Press shot for the documentaryPress shot for the documentary
Press shot for the documentary

They decided to call the documentary "The Beginner".

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The documentary will culminate in Sirtaj winning the Sugar Classic Bodybuilding cup in Leicester, and offer a fascinating insight into the life of a bodybuilder and 'what it takes' to achieve success. It will document his journey as a businessman and family man.

It also follows him in coming second and qualifying for the British finals of the UKBFF, making the top ten of the 2brospro competition, coming fourth in the Country at the UKBFF British Finals and taking part in the 2bropro Amateur Olympia, which was held in Coventry.

Sirtaj had always wanted to give the money made from the documentary for charity, but it would turn out to be a charity very close to his friends family which would be the beneficiary of the money raised.

Emmett and his mother, who Sirtaj is raising money forEmmett and his mother, who Sirtaj is raising money for
Emmett and his mother, who Sirtaj is raising money for

Sirtaj said: "I was thinking about which charities we should donate the proceeds of this film to and its screening and it turns out the answer was right in front of my eyes! Aiden, who's filming the documentary's Nephew, named Emmett O'Farrell is currently suffering from Cancer (stage 4).

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"We will be donating to three charities,CLIC Sargent, Kamrans ward via Oxford Hospitals Charity and Cancer Research UK. The 1st 2 are really supporting the Farrells.

"I really wanted to give something back to the community which has helped raise me, and I really hope the people of Aylesbury can dig deep to raise some money for Emmett.

To donate to Emmett's cause, please visit:

The three showings of the film will be at The Works in High Wycombe, on Sunday December 16 at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm. You can buy tickets from December 1 from Pumping Iron Supplements.

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Sirtaj owns the successful Pumping Iron Supplements Shop in Aylesbury's Friars Square, and is about to open Iron Blade barbers, which will be based upstairs.

Sirtaj and his family hail from Kotli Kalan Saleh Khana Cherat village, Peshawar in Pakistan, but has spent most of his life in Aylesbury after his father tragically passed when he was ten years old. He was killed during a raid shooting while on holiday in Pakistan. Sirtaj saw his dad shot at point blank range by burglars, at the age of ten years old.

His brother was also hurt as the bullet went through his fathers body, into his leg. He was flown back immediately to be treated at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

He said his mum and brother's have been a huge source of strength for him while training, and he's inspired by his mums resilience after she raised four sons single handedly.

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He added: "The main point of making this documentary was to prove to people that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I want to inspire people to trust in yourself, even if like me you've grown up with nothing.

"I did shifts in McDonalds, lost my dad when I was ten years old but there is always hope with hard work and dedication. I want to give something back to the town that made me who I am today."

"I just want to thank everyone who has helped me in my journey, and particularly Bodyflex Gym and the staff. They have been amazing. Also everyone at Friar's Square Shopping Centre for getting involved, and of course the Works who are hosting the event. You're all amazing people."