Bishop’s burden in solidarity with women in poverty

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Bishop of Buckingham Alan Wilson is showing solidarity with Ethiopian women by carrying a heavy bundle of firewood.

The women walk miles for wood to sell to raise money to eat.

The bishop used the example of Ethiopian woman Loko in his call for people to support Christian Aid week this week.

He explained: “If she can’t collect firewood, her children will die. Four times a week, Loko makes a back-breaking, eight-hour trip to gather wood.

“It’s a task she dreads, but she steels herself to do it because if she doesn’t her children will starve.

“Christian Aid supporters across Buckinghamshire raise over £140,000 during Christian Aid Week (10-16 May) to transform the lives of people like Loko. So when the red Christian Aid envelope comes through your door, please do make a donation, if you can.”

You can find out more about Christian Aid by visiting