Bercow to host local debate on whether to leave Europe

MP John Bercow is set to host a local debate ahead of the EU referendum.
John Bercow at the Bucks Herald ENGPNL00120120806121454John Bercow at the Bucks Herald ENGPNL00120120806121454
John Bercow at the Bucks Herald ENGPNL00120120806121454

The MP, who is also speaker of the House of Commons will host the event at a constituency location to be announced on June 2.

Speakers will include national politicians and journalists and the event will be chaired by John Bercow.

Mr Bercow has said that the debate will be non-party political, and will focus on how an in or out vote would affect local people.

The event is for the benefit of Buckingham constituency residents and will be an opportunity to get a handle on the issue before you vote.

Residents living in Mr Bercow’s constituency are able to apply for tickets online at or by telephoning his London office on 0207 219 6346.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Bercow said: “It is very important that Buckingham constituency residents are able to make a well-informed decision on 23 June.

“This debate is an opportunity to hear both sides of the argument and I hope it will prove beneficial to those who attend”.

Mr Bercow has remained tight-lipped on how he will vote in the forthcoming referendum.

In his role as speaker he is required to be politically neutral.