Bercow: Litter picking is a good way for an MP to spend their time

John Bercow
John Bercow

This Saturday I will be participating in a litter pick in Little Horwood.

I realise this might sound a little improbable, but it is something from which I take a good deal of satisfaction.

The job of a Member of Parliament is always rewarding but never that simple.

Many constituents approach me with hugely complex or long running problems that require a good deal of time, pressure, and lateral thinking to solve.

Dispiritingly, it remains a fact that we are not always guaranteed a successful outcome, regardless of the amount of work put in.

The litter pick, however, is satisfying for the reason that there is nothing difficult about it beyond a certain amount of stamina and elbow-grease and, at the end, there is a tangible and positive result. With the weather improving, I can think of far worse ways for a local MP to spend their afternoon.

Meanwhile, back in Parliament, the upcoming general election looms large on the horizon.

Whilst business concludes in the Chamber, colleagues and their staff are working hard trying to clear the decks before we all decamp for good from Westminster once the Short Campaign starts.

Last month on National Voter Registration Day, an image encouraging people to register to vote was beamed onto Big Ben to highlight the importance of engaging with the democratic process.

On Friday, I chaired the Aylesbury Young Persons’ Question Time.

It was extremely heartening to see how the participants spoke with passion on the issues, and to witness the enthusiasm of all involved in the event.

I anticipate that there will be further such debates happening – not just in our schools, but on the doorsteps and in the homes of not only Buckingham constituency residents but the whole of the UK in the run-up to polling day, and I am very much looking forward to being an active participant in them.