Beloved alpaca found slashed with 'guts out' in Ludgershall

Hector was seen more as a pet to the family
Hector was seen more as a pet to the family

A beloved family alpaca has been found mutilated in Ludgershall, on a family holding.

The animal, named Hector was found cornered in a field, apparently slashed with a sharp knife with his guts spread across the ground.

The Beaumont had kept hector for 15 years, and he had become part of the family.

Amanda said: "We were initially concerned when we went out to feed him, he usually comes bounding over but he didn't on the morning of October 27.

"After a short walk we saw his body cornered in the field, with a violent slash across his body. It must have been a really sharp knife, maybe even a stanley knife. His insides were strewn across the field.

"He was such a gentle creature. I just cannot believe anybody would do something like that to a defenceless animal.

The police have been informed and anybody with any information should contact the police on 101.

"We wanted to to contact the press to make sure anybody who keeps livestock remains vigilant.

"We are absolutely distraught as a family, the person who has done it is nothing short of evil. He must be really sick.

"What's even worse is the sadness of our other alpaca, who keeps looking for Hector. He must be very lonely. If anybody can loan us an alpaca or a donkey to keep him company, that would be amazing. He was more like a pet than a farm animal, he was very sociable and we loved him very much.

"He will be sorely missed."

Thames Valley Police have been approached for comment.