‘Beautiful and poetic’ sculpture featuring part human part goat celebrates gay marriage

Sculptor Nick Davis with his piece, Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon
Sculptor Nick Davis with his piece, Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon

A Vale sculptor’s unique work celebrating same-sex marriage will be exhibited at a major show next month.

Nick Davis will present his new piece, Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon, at the Great British Sculpture Show. which runs from April 5 until September 30 at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire.

The piece is cast in bronze, with gold leaf, and depicts a small group of fauns of Greek and Roman mythology.

Two of the female fauns, who are part human part goat, are getting married, overseen by friends and relatives, presided over a priest who is part bird, part human.

Extending above the area where the marriage is taking place is a long ladder. One of the fauns has scaled the ladder in order to scan the horizon to take a longer view.

Nick, 38, who runs a studio and foundry near Wing, explained: “Same-sex couples in England and Wales will be able to marry from the March 29.

“To mark this momentous occasion I have produced a sculpture that wonderfully celebrates the love and commitment that couples of any sexuality can now legally show with the religious ceremony once only confined to heterosexual couples.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’ve tried hard to make it unique.”

Diane Coates, joint curator of the event who is from Wendover, said: “Nick’s sculpture, while beautiful and poetic, conveys his support for such an important change to legislation.”

The show, which boasts more than 80 sculptures from some of the UK’s top artists, opens to the public on April 5, and there will be a private view on April 3.