Back to work? Use some commuting common sense

This week’s tips from Britain’s top advanced driver Peter Rodger on behalf of road safety charity the IAM concentrate on commuting to work.

The biggest problem with commuting is that everyone travels at the same time. People get frustrated and tired and will be inclined to behave unpredictably – be wary and anticipate the actions of road users around you.

Rush hour is when there are the most vulnerable road users about – walking to school, or cycling to work. Give children and cyclists plenty of room.

Familiar routes are the ones we get most careless about – keep your attention on the road.

Listen out for traffic updates on the radio in case your route is affected, and learn an alternative route or two in case of an accident or road closures.

Check the weather before you travel; heavy rain usually slows traffic up, so leave a few minutes earlier.

Using your car to commute to work means you are especially reliant on it working. Regularly check your tyre pressures and condition, washer fluid, lights and oil.

IAM chief examiner Peter said: “Always leave enough time to get to work so you’re not rushing unnecessarily. Traffic is bad every day – being late on those grounds isn’t an excuse. If you do get held up in traffic on the way to work, don’t rush. Pull over if you need to let anybody know, but remember it’s better to arrive late than never.”

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